AH Booking Management

We Care! We book, promote, advertise and guide our performers! Anakinsky Skytower, Charles Rany, Diego Adrians, Ivy Fadel, Jaik Mario, Lluis Indigo, Spartakk, SujeitoRock and Veto Rubas! We also have our own promotion Club!

Owner AudioHouse Booking Management

Bookings, promotions. advertisement & contact person

The Netherlands

Co-Owner AudioHouse Bookings Management

Performers Sidekick, pictures & contact person

The Netherlands



Why AudioHouse? Because we care, not only for our performers, but for every working person in SL, unfortunately we can’t take more team members at the moment, but what we can do is make you aware!

Unveiling the Invisible Realities: Join Us in Empathy and Action! Amidst the pulsating beats and electrifying performances, there’s a silent narrative often overlooked – the struggle of those without the safety nets of social security, consistent internet access, or even basic electricity. As we immerse ourselves in the rhythm of the music and the warmth of camaraderie, let’s pause to reflect on the realities faced by many. Ever found yourself swaying to the tunes of a talented DJ or being captivated by the charm of a friendly host? In those moments of bliss, it’s easy to forget the challenges that these artists and performers encounter daily. Your applause, your presence, they matter more than you think. Your appreciation might just be the tip that helps them pay their bills, put food on their tables, or simply make ends meet. But the impact doesn’t stop there. Consider this: behind every beat dropped and every melody sung lies a story of resilience and determination. Every like, every follow on SoundCloud, YouTube, or any social media platform is not just a click; it’s a lifeline of support for someone hustling in the virtual streets of Second Life and beyond. So, as you lose yourself in the rhythm of the night, let’s extend our hands in solidarity and compassion. Let’s turn our appreciation into action, our likes into lifelines. Join us in shining a light on the unsung heroes of the virtual stage. Together, let’s make a difference, one beat at a time. Are you in? #SupportLocalTalent #EmpathyInAction

PS: Of course this counts for other jobs too!