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         We book and promoot our performers:

Anakinsky Skytower- Argentina

Ivy Fadel- Brasil

Guadalupe Davi- Argentina

Seba Sideways- Argentina

Spartakk- Canada

SujeitoRock- Brasil

Veto Rubas- Brasil

Each of our performers brings their own distinctive style and a wealth of experience in various genres to share with you. From soulful ballads to electrifying rock, from classical elegance to cutting-edge experimentation, our artists are ready to captivate you with their individual flair and passion for music.

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In SL; ArishaFlame75 Resident or Quinn Blakewell 

Founder, Owner, Manager, Bookings, Promotions.
In November 2022, Arisha took the leap and officially launched AudioHouse, a platform dedicated to amplifying the voices and talents of unknown performers in the virtual world of Second Life (SL). With a passion for music and a drive to support emerging artists, Arisha envisioned AudioHouse as more than just a stage

Then Arisha and Loopman recognized the need for a collaborative space where artists could connect, grow, and be promoted.  Together, they expanded AudioHouse to include a promotion club, broadening its reach and impact.

The goal was simple yet profound: to provide a platform for unknown performers to showcase their talents and secure gigs in SL. Through strategic promotions, networking events, and a supportive community ethos, AudioHouse aimed to bridge the gap between aspiring artists and opportunities to perform.

Co- Owner, Manager, Promotions.

In April 2023, a new chapter unfolded for AudioHouse as Quinn joined the team. With a genuine passion for music Quinn quickly became a part of the AudioHouse family.

Quinn immersed himself in the world of SL performances, accompanying artists to their shows. His presence on stage not only enhanced the performances but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among the performers.

Quinn took on the role of documentarian, capturing mesmerizing moments of each performance through his photography. He extended the reach of AudioHouse by sharing his photographs on  Facebook.

When Arisha faced health challenges towards the end of 2023, Quinn stepped up, offering unwavering support and dedication to the AudioHouse cause. Recognizing his commitment, Arisha approached Quinn in February to take on a more formal role as a Co-owner of AudioHouse. Without hesitation, Quinn accepted. 

Performers- Assistant

Since Arisha and Quinn are both from the Netherlands, they asked Karenbaby to join as an assistant.

Karenbaby, already a dancer in the AH club from the beginning, didnt doubt and said yes.

She will accompany the performers when Quinn and Arisha are not online.

AudioHouse stand with We Care;

Ever found yourself swaying to the tunes of a talented Singer or being captivated by the charm of a friendly host? In those moments of bliss, it’s easy to forget the challenges that these encounter daily. Your applause, your presence, they matter more than you think. Your appreciation might just be the tip that helps them pay their bills, put food on their tables, or simply  make ends meet.

But the impact doesn’t stop there. Consider this: behind every beat dropped and every melody sung lies a story of resilience and determination. Every like, every follow on SoundCloud, YouTube, or any social media platform is not just a click; it’s a lifeline of support for someone hustling in the virtual streets of SL and beyond.

So, as you lose yourself in the rhythm of the night, let’s extend our hands in solidarity and compassion. Let’s turn our appreciation into action, our likes into lifelines. Join us in shining a light on the unsung heroes of the virtual stage. Together, let’s make a difference, one beat at a time

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