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Anakinsky will be available to sing jazz, classics, blues, pop, rock and even metal!. He can croon like an angel or rip it off like a metal monster!

More than 30 years making music and a master’s degree in musical instrument awarded by the “Leopoldo Marechal” music institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina. On the other hand, Anakinsky can also do rock shows in singing, or combine with jam guitar shows.

Anakinsky is also a very well established and talented Rock Guitarist, his music is very exciting and in the true Style of modern Metal and Real ROCK!

Arisha: “Anakinsky’s guitar skills are electrifying, blending jazz, blues, rock, and even pop with a raw, soulful voice. A true musical powerbeast!”

Ivy Fadel is a singer and songwriter with influences that come from Classic Rock to Post Progressive, with heavy inspiration of Alternative Rock and the Grunge scene.

In RL, Ivy is Vocalist since 2006 in numerous rock and metal bands and is executive producer of festivals and music events.
In his set he brings songs Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Queens of The Stone Age, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Muse, The Smiths, Faith No More and many more.

Arisha:”Ivy’s voice captivates all who hear it, brimming with emotion and soul. Truly unforgettable!”

Spartakk performs since 3 year, born in Ukrain, living in Canada. He sings everything from Soul to Pop, from Blues, Jazz to Rock! To Name a few Stevie Wonder, Louis Armstrong, Teddy Swims, Michael Jackson. Not only in English but also a couple of other languages, let yrself be surprised, cause…..
Once he starts singing you want to hear more!

Arisha:”Spartakk has a voice that adapts effortlessly to every song, hypnotizing his audience with its versatility. Mesmerizing talent!”

With Second Life, Sujeitorock wants to bring his laid-back way of playing and singing his versions, with his refined charisma and feeling.

Shows are mostly in English. There are several bands that are always on the setlist, such as Green Day, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Incubus, Nirvana, among others, with a very strong influence from the 90s and modern rock, indie, and pop punk.

Arisha: “Sujeito’s shows breeze by as if music flows naturally through his veins. A true maestro born to perform!”

Veto brings in his performances, at second life, acoustic versions full of emotion, charisma and energy of hits from pop,rock and originals. He also covers artists in the world – Foo Fighters, Oasis, Fuel, Green Day, Nirvana, Ed Sheeran, Post Malone and more.

He formed his band “Nort Moskow” in 2014 and since the begin he had the intention of composing his own songs, having released till today the EP entitled “O Inferno é Logo Aqui” and many others singles/clips in the course of his Journey.


Arisha: “Veto ignites the stage with his high-energy performances, whether he’s singing or shredding on his guitar. His energy is infectious, making you feel alive and electrified!”

From Buenos Aires city, Argentina, Seba’s been playing Sax for more than 25 years; at the present time, he works in RL as a Session Player in Jazz, Blues, Funk, Latin, Rock, Smooth Jazz and Reggae Bands. His repertory in SL includes different music styles as Smooth Jazz, Jazz Ballads, Jazz Standards, Blues, Funk, Reggae Roots, and more!.

At his gigs, Seba pays a tribute to great Musicians. Mixing Styles and times, Seba invites you to enjoy a Live Show to share his passion for Jazz and some different styles.
We wait for you !!!

Arisha: “With the saxophone as his instrument of choice, he has the power to transport listeners through various musical genres, from the smooth melodies of jazz to the energetic rhythms of funk, and even into the soulful depths of blues.”

From Argentina comes Guadalupe Davi with her contralto voice that can still hit the high notes..

She began playing the ukulele and piano at 13, under the tutelage of her father and inspiration from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody spurred her on. You might also catch her playing guitar or ukulele.

Her play list is diverse and includes rock, pop, jazz and blues covers, including songs by Queen, Elton John, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, The Beatles, and Dua Lipa. She makes each song her own, bringing her music alive with chord changes which highlight her magical voice.

Arisha: Guadalupe’s piano melodies are like a gentle breeze carrying you to a dreamscape, where each note dances gracefully, painting vivid scenes in your mind. Her fresh voice intertwines with the keys, creating a symphony that resonates with the soul, inviting you to wander through realms of imagination and emotion.

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